New album "Ecstatic" is out now




  1. The Illy-Ally-O
  2. Without Fear
  3. Waters of Forgetfulness
  4. Pop-a-matic
  5. Murmuration Awe
  6. Kissing the Summer Dawn
  7. Two Little Clouds
  8. Dream Fuel
  9. Surfacing

The Maple Mountain Sunburst Triolian Orchestra


  1. LookListen Feel (ft. Isabella Rossellini)
  2. The Auctioneer
  3. Where the Coyotes Howl
  4. Age of Steam
  5. The Ruby Yacht
  6. A Beautiful Walk In The Country
  7. Mae Yetter (Jan.10, 1939)
  8. The Black Mambo
  9. Boundless Blue (ft. Isabella Rossellini)

“… A huge wall of sound… a fashionable retreat into wondrous tones and experiences.”

Bryan Sanchez

“I love the music as much as I love the videos!”

Xeni Jardin

“Every track on this album is a gem. A top 10 favourite for The Signal in 2010, it’s still top 10 for me!”

Laurie Brown
CBC Radio 2

“Maple Mountain? It’s just past Strawberry Fields between the Big Rock Candy Mountain and Blueberry Hill.”


One of the top ten of 2010.

CBC Radio 2
The Signal

… a trippy, serene aural fantasy… McNeill’s impressionistic, idyllic collage carries a message, which is the realization of dreams. ****

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