New album "Ecstatic" is out now

Testimonial Category: First Album

  • Bryan Sanchez,


    “… A huge wall of sound… a fashionable retreat into wondrous tones and experiences.” Bryan Sanchez

  • Xeni Jardin,


    “I love the music as much as I love the videos!” Xeni Jardin

  • CBC Radio 2


    “Every track on this album is a gem. A top 10 favourite for The Signal in 2010, it’s still top 10 for me!” Laurie Brown CBC Radio 2



    “Maple Mountain? It’s just past Strawberry Fields between the Big Rock Candy Mountain and Blueberry Hill.” Felton/Moderator

  • The Signal


    One of the top ten of 2010. CBC Radio 2 The Signal

  • Brad Wheeler


    … a trippy, serene aural fantasy… McNeill’s impressionistic, idyllic collage carries a message, which is the realization of dreams. **** Disc of the Week Brad Wheeler, The Globe and Mail